FitnessQuiz was set up in 2014 and is an easier, more effective way of practicing for the Level 2 Fitness Instructor exams and Level 3 Personal Training exams.

We identified that there are currently poor resources available for people who want to revise effectively, when it suits them, wherever they might be. 

So we have put together a comprehensive database of questions and answers for all the subjects essential for passing the fitness exams that can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer. 

These questions are cross referenced for accuracy, with teachers and assessors who currently deliver such subjects. 

We also take feedback of our users and update our database daily, increasing the number of questions available to you. 

The Level 2 Fitness Instructor practice exam questions cover two main subjects; Anatomy and Physiology and principles for exercise, fitness and health.

The Level 3 Personal Training practice exam questions also cover two main subjects; Advanced Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition.

Each mock exam generated gives 25 multiple choice practice questions in line with the real exams that you will be sitting.

Why Use FitnessQuiz? 

Variety- You can choose to do one subject at a time as you progress through your course or purchase all 4 subjects at once. We have a database of over 2000 questions and answers to choose from which enables you to generate many different practice questions for your revision. 

Accessibility- Generate practice exams from wherever you are; at home, at college or even on the move. Each mock exam is generated in seconds. You can access FitnessQuiz from your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Full Analysis - Each time you complete a practice exam, you receive a full breakdown of your results immediately. This identifies your strengths and weakness in certain subjects and therefore gives you areas to focus your revision on. Over 85% of our users said this has helped them put together an effective revision plan.